A certificate of liability insurance is a snapshot of your insurance coverage. Rather than fumbling through an entire policy, the basics of your policy are on a single page.  Your certificate will list your policy number and provider, type of coverage and limits, and the dates your policy is in effect.


Understanding Your Certificate of Liability Insurance

At first glance, your certificate of liability insurance can be difficult to read. The below definitions will clear up any misunderstanding you may have.  And if not, we’re only a phone call away to assist!

Certificate of Liability Insurance

  1. Insured.  This is one of the most important sections of your certificate.  Confirm that your name, or business name and any applicable DBAs, along with your address are correct as listed.
  2. Additional Insured and Subrogation Waiver.  Have you additionally insured others for your booth or market?  If so, an “X” will appear under the “ADDL INSD” column. Likewise, if a Waiver of Subrogation has been completed, an “X” will appear under “SUBR WVD”.
  3. Policy Expiration Date.  This is where we find our policy expiration date.  Stay mindful of this date to ensure you’re not operating without effective coverage.  The last thing you want is a claim that’s not covered due to an expired policy!
  4. General Liability Policy Limits.  For clients who have purchased general liability insurance, your policy limit will be listed here.
  5. Product Liability Policy Limits.  For clients with product liability insurance, your policy limit will be listed here.
  6. Additional Insured(s).  Likely the second most important section of your certificate.  This is where your additional insured individuals are listed.  As earlier with the “Insured” box, make sure the names and addresses of each person listed are accurate.
  7. Certificate Holder.  Take note of this section. A name and address in this box mean the individual listed will be notified if the policy is canceled or modified before its expiration date.  Many people assume the name here is an additional insured. Remember, any additionally insured individual(s) will be listed in the section above.


Adding an Additional Insured

Adding an additional insured to your Campbell Risk policy is easy and free!  Simply visit our Customer Portal! Here you can add additional insured individuals and print their certificate immediately.  This service is free of charge.


Other Lines of Insurance Offered

We may be best known for our farmers market insurance, but that’s not all we offer.  We also provide comprehensive insurance policies for the following:

Farm Location. Many of the vendors and markets we insure for off-premises liability exposures come to us wanting coverage for their farm itself. We understand that each small farm is unique. We will help you better understand your property and general liability coverage needs. Get started today with a hassle-free farm location quote.

Personal Auto. Car insurance coverage you can count on, affordable rates, and great customer service. Save money with a free customized car insurance quote from our independent agency. We have the ability to search for insurance companies all across the nation.  This means we can find you the best coverage at the most affordable rates. Get started today with a hassle-free personal auto quote.

Homeowners. Whether your home is located on a farm, rural plot, or residential neighborhood, we understand the uniqueness of your coverage needs. We’ll help you understand and optimize the right home insurance coverage for you.  Moreover, we will shop insurance companies throughout the country to find you the most affordable rates. Get started today with a hassle-free homeowner’s quote.


For more than 30 years, Campbell Risk Management has offered policies for liability insurance in all 50 states.  We offer the most comprehensive coverage on the market today. Get a free quote today or call us at (317) 848-9075. We can show you how Campbell Risk sets farmers markets and vendors up for success!


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